Saturday, February 11, 2006

Club Pinup Presents Sari

(From the good people who brought us Claudia Shiffer and Marlene Deitrich)

"I was born in a very, very small town where the lambs and wolves say goodnight to each other"

In Hollywood there is a thousand stories of young ladies that leave the past behind and head for the city to make it big. To make something of themselves and put there name up in lights. Some of those stories can actually be read on this website (
See Jeanne Carmen). What makes this story so much more interesting is, it is not happening in Hollywood, or New York, but in Dusseldorf Germany.

The girl in our story is Sari, a young lady from a sleepy town somewhere in the Germany. She is the oldest of two children, and was raised mainly by her Grandmother and Great-grandmother. Whom she says she got her knockout curves from. But the slow paced life of the country could not contain Sari. In her own words she described it i as "small town life is nice... but damn boring!!!!".

So it's off to the bright lights of Dusseldorf Germany! Sadly tragedy struck as soon as she got there and she lost her job that she had for only 4 weeks. Not letting anything derail her, Sari stuck it out, determined not to go back home, and now actually works as a full time Pin-up. Sari's start wasn't easy though, she endured through many bad photo sessions, some she never even received copies of her own photo's. After one shoot, they actually used her images with a different artist name and not hers. Ever determined she finally landed her first paid session through, and Sari hasn't looked back yet. Since then Sari has been seen in many magazines, calendars, and websites worldwide. When not modeling Sari works as a secretary, she is the self proclaimed 'Fastest typist this side of the Rhine River'. You can contact Sari for booking through her website.

Many young Pin-up models today got there start from the underground rockabilly, ska and swing music movement. Sari started her fascination of the Pin-up world when she received a book called
1000 Pin up Girls She loved the book so much she wanted to be a Pin-up model herself. Since then Sari has done much research on the subject, and own volumes of books and reference on the genre and history of the Pin-up. Her knowledge shows up in her fabulous and fun photo artwork.

Like many of the models that you see in this genre Sari is a Pinup because she loves the glamour and spirit of this genre of photography. Sometimes working with photographers with no background in Pin-ups Sari brings her own ideas, inspirations, costumes, and set items to get the right end result. Sari is a lady who seems to truly enjoy what she does, you can see it in the playfulness and attitude of her product.

So our story of the struggling young startlet, thrown into the big city to find fame and fortune has just begun. What exciting drama and action will become of Young Sari? We will all watch with anticipation.

Good Luck Sari, keep up the great work!

P.S. oh I used a little liberty on the helpless little girl in the big city story. I think Sari was trying to tell me she left her small hometown cause she was bored, so I spiced it up.

Friday, February 03, 2006

There is no free Porn on the internet.

There is no Fountain of Youth, just like there is No Free Adult Content on the internet. Many have wasted there lives looking for both of those in vain. (I know first hand, with the later)

There are some semi free sites known as referral sites. Referral sites give you a sneak peak of many different sites, with every other click sending you to a signup page. The deal is they get a cut of the sign up fee for that site, and so it is a business. This section of my site is kinda like that, Doh!

I spent the last 8 years with my website posting pictures and writing articles about famous woman models actresses and performers of the past. I have posted thousands of photos, for millions of viewers, and never made a dime, for some twisted reason I do it for the enjoyment. That was the spirit of the internet in the past, people posted stuff on the net as a hobby. There are still tons of cool sites out there, but there is too much shit to filter through to find it anymore.

So is this latest endeavor of mine, trying to lure you into clicking on a link to a pay site so I can make a buck? Damn right it is! The main reason I am doing it is, I simply like posting pictures of ladies on the internet, that is my hobby. I am trying to do it in the most un-obnoxious way possible, while still providing you with a wealth of cool images. So hopefully the pain of being asked to join a pay site wont hurt as much. Hopefully I can have my fun entertain someone, and then make a buck on the side.

Will I be posting Pornography? Nope. Not because I have a problem with that. I actually enjoy my porn as much as the next person. I just have a strong line between looking at a beautiful women and porn. To me one is art and one is a tool for masturbation. I will not get into a discussion of the art of Pornography, there is art everywhere you look. It's not my kinda art sorry. I know my parents would probably disagree, but that's just me. It's my site, I post what I like :)

So take a look around, I hope you enjoy what you see. I am slowly going through tons of legally post able content, and trying to find stuff I like. I am also looking for content that I am allowed to post in the manner that I wish. As long as I keep enjoying this, and my ADD under control the content will keep coming in. So stay posted.

P.S. Hey do you collect images? I have over 40 gigs of .jpg and images (not including video) I have collected and scanned for the last 10 plus years. Are you interested in the same style of stuff that you see here and on and in Playboy and Maxim magazine? Would like to trade collections? Write me at I will send you a DVD

Friday, January 06, 2006

Club Pinup Presents Lana Landis

Lana Landis
(Looks of Lana Turner , with the smile of Julie Newmar)

"Singing has always been my passion"

If you could mix the glamour of Veronica Lake, the beauty of Lana Turner, the spunk of Doris Day, then throw in a pinch of Julie Newmar for good measure, you might get something close to Lana Landis.

Lana's love for entertainment started at a very young age. One of her fondest memories is performing at the Laguna Molton Theater. "I was six years old, by far the youngest in the show." Lana told Club Pin-up "When I sang my solo there was always a couple of seconds when everyone would walk off the stage except me, and I could hear the audience start to whisper and giggle because they thought I forgot to leave the stage. Then the spotlight would hit me and I'd sing my song like my life depended on it! I loved getting everyone up on their feet every night."

Later Lana got her first modeling gig for Miller's Outpost, and proceeded headlong into much more modeling, as well as commercial and voice-over work. It wasn't till the late 90's that Lana started thinking of pursuing her own ideals and focusing on her first passion of singing and Pin-up Modeling. Currently Lana is working on transforming Lana Landis to showcase her vocal talents.

More than your average pretty face and talented singer, Lana is a fuller package, she is an intelligent, business savvy, entrepreneurial, and patriotic woman. Having one of the most dynamic, and well designs sites in the Pinup genre on the net. ( Lana originally started programming and publishing her website herself. Now through her direction , it is now created by 24-7 Media. Lana supports her own line of T-shirts and soon her own custom Bubble Bath. I myself can't wait to see the advertising campaign for that!
In the true footsteps of the Pinup model, Lana is admired by many of our fighting men overseas. Just like Betty Grable in WW2 and Marylin during the Korean War, Lana corresponds with our American men and women fighting overseas. Her letters and photos let our troops know there is definitely something good to come home to.

here is a picture and excerpt from some of our Infantry in Iraq.

"...Not sure if the news is portraying it, but we continue to do good work everyday and make a positive impact on the Iraqi people. The shift in security operations is moving quickly toward more of Iraqi control; they are truly stepping up and taking control of their country. Hopefully, that will mean that we can come home sooner...." Stuart Williams A Company, 3rd Battalion, 21st Infant Regiment.

We wish you the best of luck on your career Lana. I am a big fan of the style, passion, and artistic integrity you put into your modeling. Thank you for your time and input to Club Pinup. Kudos!