Friday, January 06, 2006

Club Pinup Presents Lana Landis

Lana Landis
(Looks of Lana Turner , with the smile of Julie Newmar)

"Singing has always been my passion"

If you could mix the glamour of Veronica Lake, the beauty of Lana Turner, the spunk of Doris Day, then throw in a pinch of Julie Newmar for good measure, you might get something close to Lana Landis.

Lana's love for entertainment started at a very young age. One of her fondest memories is performing at the Laguna Molton Theater. "I was six years old, by far the youngest in the show." Lana told Club Pin-up "When I sang my solo there was always a couple of seconds when everyone would walk off the stage except me, and I could hear the audience start to whisper and giggle because they thought I forgot to leave the stage. Then the spotlight would hit me and I'd sing my song like my life depended on it! I loved getting everyone up on their feet every night."

Later Lana got her first modeling gig for Miller's Outpost, and proceeded headlong into much more modeling, as well as commercial and voice-over work. It wasn't till the late 90's that Lana started thinking of pursuing her own ideals and focusing on her first passion of singing and Pin-up Modeling. Currently Lana is working on transforming Lana Landis to showcase her vocal talents.

More than your average pretty face and talented singer, Lana is a fuller package, she is an intelligent, business savvy, entrepreneurial, and patriotic woman. Having one of the most dynamic, and well designs sites in the Pinup genre on the net. ( Lana originally started programming and publishing her website herself. Now through her direction , it is now created by 24-7 Media. Lana supports her own line of T-shirts and soon her own custom Bubble Bath. I myself can't wait to see the advertising campaign for that!
In the true footsteps of the Pinup model, Lana is admired by many of our fighting men overseas. Just like Betty Grable in WW2 and Marylin during the Korean War, Lana corresponds with our American men and women fighting overseas. Her letters and photos let our troops know there is definitely something good to come home to.

here is a picture and excerpt from some of our Infantry in Iraq.

"...Not sure if the news is portraying it, but we continue to do good work everyday and make a positive impact on the Iraqi people. The shift in security operations is moving quickly toward more of Iraqi control; they are truly stepping up and taking control of their country. Hopefully, that will mean that we can come home sooner...." Stuart Williams A Company, 3rd Battalion, 21st Infant Regiment.

We wish you the best of luck on your career Lana. I am a big fan of the style, passion, and artistic integrity you put into your modeling. Thank you for your time and input to Club Pinup. Kudos!

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