Sunday, December 11, 2005

Club Pinup Presents Bernie Dexter

Bernie Dexter
(born from a long stock of beauties)

"I love champagne especially with potato chips!!"

Pretty girls don't happen over night, there made up of generations of good stuff. One look at a photo of Bernie's Mother and Grandmother you would understand. It didn't happen overnight ...

Take one sailor on leave falling in love with a young sultry burlesque dancer and shortly thereafter you get Bernie Belle future model extraordinaire.

Bernie's fascination with pinup culture started at an early age watching her mother transform from mother of a young 5 year old to sexy vixen. A great fan of Sunday morning movies Bernie started to see the world in Technicolor. The glamorous dancing singing actresses of the screen gave her the itch, and shortly thereafter she was getting her own Dancing and acting lessons.

By the age of 12 her mother entered Bernie in her first beauty pageant, and she learned the basics of modeling, poise, balance and proper walking form. Bernie continued the pageant circuit till the age of 18 winning such titles as 'Miss Teen San Diego County U.S.A.'

Around the time of the end of Bernie's retirement from pageant life, she entered the world of the Rockabilly music revival. A scene that is much a lifestyle of looks, attitude, and cars as that of the music itself. Attending cosmetology school Bernie worked as a hairdresser, attending photo shoots doing makeup, wardrobe, and set design. Soon all this started to meld together to make something special.

The body of a dancer, confidence of an actress, Poise and body awareness of a pageant contestant, Schooled in cosmetology, self taught aficionado of the golden age of glamour and pinup culture. There was obvious direction to go.

Retro Pinup Model! and what a knockout she is.

Bernie has posed for many magazines and websites since her beginning in modeling. Appearing on the cover of
Barracuda and Koolsville magazine, you can find her on websites such as,, and many more. In a short time Bernie Dexter has made a name for herself, and can be found very easily.
"I just love being a pinup and getting in front of that camera"

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