Thursday, December 08, 2005

The Modern Pinup

About ten years ago I decide I was going to collect a digital image or scan of every woman who graced the pages of Playboy. Well it is a daunting and never ending task, I would say I am about 85% complete. Consequently if you would like a copy of my collection email me at we ca work something out. I was acquiring photos by many means which I wont get into but I came across an interesting picture that stopped me in my tracks.
picture here

It struck me, milky white skin, Bettie Page bangs, garters. This wasn't your regular model. The name was spelled Dieta Von Teese, which was misspelled correct spelling is Dita Von Teese (I believe) and didn't help me in my search for more images. After a few tens of thousands I started to have a collection maybe 8 or 10. I still didn't know was it Dita or Dieta? Who knows it wasn't important, I just knew I was a fan. I knew she was a fairly mainstream model cause she kept popping up on newsgroups and sites where guys like me hunt and trade photos, and she was already featured in Playboy lingerie catalogs and photo shoots.

Here is what was special, Dita was the first professional model that I saw that had a Retro Pinup look. As she became more popular, she started to lean much more towards the 40's and 50's style of Pinup and Club photography. I would guess that as you build clout as a model you get a little more say in how you would like to be photographed. I would be interested to ask her ... hmm never mind.

In the time that I have been writing about Pinup culture and history on the net (10 years now) I have always noticed model sites on the internet. Young ladies trying to promote themselves on the internet. I have always been a big fan of that, but it has only been in the last 5 years that you are starting to see a strong force of the new Retro Model.

What is interesting, is this. Women models of the new retro genre always mention the feelings of beauty, playfulness, femininity and empowerment they get when they talk of models like Bettie Page or others. Somehow they feel that what they do is different than an ordinary model. The truth is there is. Here is my theory.

Pinup modeling and Burlesque of the 40's and 50's was a business fueled by a male market. Men bought the magazines and men paid to see the shows. Much as it is today. As tame as those magazines and shows seem today, it was very risqué and drew a much different customer than it does today. Those magazines that I proudly show to guests in my home, and display on my walls, were hidden under mattresses and deep inside of closets then. What that era represented then is not what we think it is today. As times change, taste and culture changes. Younger pinup and burlesque stars started baring more and entertaining less. Men's magazines quit being cute and fun and started to look more like gynecological exams. Even pornography has become less fun lately, there seems to be no imagination or fantasy left in modeling anymore. There is still some though. You just need to be determined, discriminating, and dedicated, and you will find the good stuff. So if you think the good stuff is the gynecological exam photo, or the porn flick with no plot, then sadly your on the wrong web page.

So I salute you, they new and bold Retro, Fetish, Burlesque model. Who shows us the most beautiful parts of the female creature, strength, beauty, sensuality, and playfulness. Doing it all while still leaving a sense of mystery. What you are doing is different, and alot more meaningful to many. It is artful, it is beautiful, and it does deserve to hang on the walls of my house :) hehe
Best luck in your careers, and thanks for all your hard work.

Oh if you are a Retro, Fetish, Cheesecake, Glamour Model, and would like me to do a special section or biography on you in the fashion of the classic models on my site, send me an email. I will advertise and display you in the utmost of respect.

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