Saturday, December 03, 2005

What is it with Jayne Mansfield?

I have been reluctantly writing a biography on Jayne Mansfield for the website. I say reluctantly because, some strange reason I have never been a huge fan of Jayne, but I know she is hugely popular with visitors to Club Pinup. So as I was doing my research, reading articles, biographies, and watching her on film, I tried to figure out why. Visually there is not much to complain about, especially when she was young, a complete knockout, incredible figure and face to match. So whats the problem?

I started to find the answer as I watched her on film. She did make some noteworthy films. The Girl Cant Help it and Will Sucsess Spoil Rock Hunter, but as I watched I started to notice some things. Her motions seemed to be mechanical and contrived, like she wasn't that comfortable in her body. I am not talking about her acting skills, which isn't her strong point. I noticed even when she walked posed or spoke in film or stage every move seemed scripted, just slightly askew. You had to watch really close though.

So I watched some Marilyn Monroe film footage, now that is smooth. Marilyn seemed to really be in her skin. Even if the moves or poses were contrived or scripted. She sold it. When you watch Marilyn there is something really sensual about her. Acting aside, you get the impression that in the real world Marilyn was really comfortable with her body, the movements and sensuality was all just natural. Maybe that's just acting, beats me.

Thinking of this reminded me of the women I have known and dated in my real life. I have not always been pulled into a woman by mere looks alone. Well at first I am, just like any other man. Here is an example of someone I knew that was beyond physical beauty.

There was once a girl from my work place, we will call 'Lady Red'. When she arrived, every man at work was instantly magnetized. Now Lady Red was fairly flat chested, small chin, triangular face, and a little too hippy, but something about her was utterly distracting. Distracting to all the men who knew her not just me. She had a slightly southern accent, and a sleepy expression. Once you met her she had a carefree attitude, liked to party, and conversationally very open. She had this amazingly slow blink also, it was almost like the blink that Jeannie does on "I dream of Jeanne" You just wanted her attention any time you saw her. There was not a masculine thing about her, 100 percent woman, walk, talk, and attitude. It wasn't her looks but she emitted some strange pheramone that made men crazy.

As I looked around recently at other women that I know, I started to see it in others. Some not as strongly as Lady Red, or even Marilyn, but it was there.

So where is this going ... I am not sure, I guess the moral is, be observant. Women are amazing creatures, and should be appreciated, and adored. Learn the finer points beyond the physical beauty. I believe Sensuality is from within. So was Jayne Mansfield a complete Bombshell of a lady? I believe so, millions of men could not be wrong. Was she the most sensual woman in tune with her body and mind. My opinion is no.

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